I would like to welcome you to my microscopic corner in a neighborhood of millions who want to achieve the same thing that I do:  to get my thoughts out there and create dialogue.  I realize that I am either completely insane or completely brilliant for attempting to launch this blog in the middle of the Holiday Season.  If I’m insane, then the sheer number of holiday obligations will turn this idea into an afterthought, and thus leave the homepage void of content.  If I’m brilliant for attempting this now, then I will find a way to achieve my goal of capturing those split-second moments of clarity or truth in the midst of our chaotic lives.  Either way, we’ll find out shortly.

Whether you found this space by accident or on purpose, I hope that you enjoy these literal and figurative snapshots.


One response to “Welcome.”

  1. dan says :

    alex–read your first entry and loved it. have had similar experiences just sitting on my tractor mowing my lawn. I call it being in my “empty box”.

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