What’s Old, Is New

Since I bought my camera in 2008, one of my favorite things to photograph has been older buildings, doors, or objects.  There just seems to be something about the wear, texture, or in some instances delapidation of these objects that almost overflows with story.  I’ve loved the challenge of trying to capture these objects in ways that pull a beauty out of their decay.  As our society continues to barrel head-first into perpetual newness, doing away with the old so that a more modern and fresh idea/building/object can be put in it’s place, sometimes it’s refreshing to come face to face with objects that have either been worn out after decades or generations of use, or that have fallen to the wayside.  In those objects we can be reminded of where we’ve come from and where we’re going, our ingenuity and yet our finite nature, and it can unlock our imagination to run wild with the potential stories locked within.  Below are some of my favorite images.


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