Can Art Change The World?

I originally saw this video on a friend’s blog a few months ago.  In it, JR, a described “semi-anonymous French street artist,” poses the question “Can art change the world?”  He then goes on to describe a series of projects he’s done all over the world involving simple portraits of average, every day people, printed and pasted on the sides of buildings, bridges, roof-tops, trains, and everything in between.  For a lot of the images, the simple message behind the picture is:  here I am, a human.  In most cases though, that simple message becomes a shockingly profound one, and can lead to a rethinking of ideas held.  At its core the video and projects that he’s conducted raise the question of can the solution to some of the world’s major problems (injustice, racism, poverty, apathy, etc.) be found in something as simple as recognizing the humanity of our neighbors?  Check it out:


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