Using a perfectly good winter day

Those of us living west of the Cascade mountains in Washington State aren’t used to seeing the sun during the month of January.  Actually, scratch that–we aren’t used to seeing the sun much from November through Apirl.  So when the skies finally do open and the crisp, golden light of the winter sun casts long shadows across the evergreens that give Washington its nickname, there’s really only one acceptable response:  go soak it up.  A few weeks ago that meant rods, reels, cameras, and the hope that trout would still chase a fly despite air temperatures in the 20’s and more than a foot of snow.


4 responses to “Using a perfectly good winter day”

  1. josh says :

    Hey man! Stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and have book-marked it since. Just wanted to let ya know I love what you’re doing and it’s been a huge encouragement for me!
    Thanks man

  2. Richard says :

    Nice thoughts and great pictures! Proud of you!

  3. Mom says :

    Love the pictures…..and the snow…..very nice!

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