My Favorite Gear

My wife and I own a decent amount of outdoors-based gear.  We both enjoy backpacking and I have my “affinity” shall we say, to the sport of fly fishing.  Over the last 8 years, gear has accumulated because of the natural cycle of buying new items to replace ones that are either worn out or are dated by more modern technologies that make things lighter or stronger.  As we replace gear we rarely get rid of the old gear unless it is worn beyond use.

As I’ve thought about why this is, what has struck me is that it isn’t necessarily the financial attachment to outdoors based gear that causes us to hold on to it, but rather the emotional attachment.  This led me to think about some of my favorite gear and the stories that those objects conjure up–about the moments that happened and the places I’ve gone as a result of their purchase.  It is in these moments, and in these memories, that an object’s true value is measured.  While we would all agree that a $60 fly rod will do absolutely nothing better than a $600 dollar one, all of that goes out the window in the hands of a child holding their first fish.  In those moments value has nothing to do with cost or brand, but it has everything to do with the ability to forever go back to a specific instance in time where a brand new world was unlocked or a feeling of sheer exhilaration was etched into your brain.  We pay for these objects once, but they repay us with memories for as long as we use and own them.

And so I thought it would be entertaining to relive some of my favorite moments in life as conjured up by the objects that played a role in taking me there.  This will hopefully become a series that I weave among other posts.  Because of my love for fly fishing, and because of it being the activity that has launched my passion for other outdoors pursuits, it seems only right that I start with a fly rod….my first fly rod:  a Sage LE 8’6″ 5 weight that was a gift from my parents during the Christmas of my Sophomore year of college.  Check back on Thursday of this week to see the full story.


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One response to “My Favorite Gear”

  1. Becky says :

    My favorite “gear:” My first pair of leather hiking boots….which I still own. They have hiked the grand canyon, mt. mitchell, and a few of the WA trails….now they’re my farm shoes. Love this!

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