The Art in Clouds

Clouds have always interested me.  That fascination hasn’t been in the learn all of their names and the weather patterns associated with them realm, but instead in the more simple watch and examine their shape, layers, and textures realm.  Whether that meant making shapes out of them as a kid, watching the dark clouds of a thunderstorm roll across the mountain from my dorm room window in college, or seeing all the ways light can filter and bounce off of and through them in sunrises and sunsets, clouds always give you something new and different to look at if you take a moment to stop and look up.

This fascination has carried over into a lot of my photography as well.  No matter what type of photo I’m attempting to take, I often find myself trying to incorporate the clouds above the scene into the shot as well.  In some instances I’ve stopped shooting the sunset or mountain scene almost entirely to focus on the clouds that are around them, making them the subject of the picture instead.  Perhaps that stems from looking through a lot of Ansel Adams photographs, who often shifted the horizon lower into the frame than normal in order to allow more room for the clouds to become part of the image.  Or perhaps it comes from a lifetime of being intrigued by clouds–their shape, texture, and depth of color.

As I was digging through some old pictures tonight, I stumbled upon a lot of old pictures of clouds.  From there I spent roughly an hour digging through all of my pictures looking for images that show movement, texture, or depth.  In some of the pictures, the clouds serve as a backdrop to the actual subject of the picture.  In others, they become the subject themselves.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


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