Sunday Jazz — August 11th

My dad sent me a text last Sunday, August 4th, suggesting that I post a Sunday Jazz link since August 4th is the birthday of a Jazz icon.  Because I was away from the computer most of the day, I decided to wait a week to take him up on his suggestion.

The artist in question, born August 4th 1901 really needs no introduction.  If you don’t know the name, you probably know the voice, and if you don’t know the voice, you almost certainly know the song.  The combination of his brassy, innovative style on the trumpet, his unique voice, and his knack for showmanship enabled him to rise from humble beginnings in New Orleans to international fame during an era with few international stars.  The artist, of course, is Louis Armstrong–also known as Ole’ Satchmo.  Armstrong was so well known and respected that Duke Ellington once said about him, “He was born poor, died rich, and never hurt anyone along the way.”

As far as videos for today, the obvious choice was the one that has continued to bring Satchmo’s name into our cultural vocabulary even today:  “What A Wonderful World.”  But, since Armstrong only sings on this particular video, I figured we needed one with a little trumpet and showmanship as well.  The obvious choice for that video is a song that is almost as equally linked to Armstrong as it is to the city of his birth, New Orleans:  “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

I hope you enjoy a double dose of Satchmo on this fine Sunday….


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2 responses to “Sunday Jazz — August 11th”

  1. Mamie says :

    Enjoyed both videos! Thanks for Sunday Jazz…..and for using your Dad’s suggestion! He sent the text as soon as he heard it was Satchmo’s birthday.

  2. Richard Collier says :

    Thanks for this one Alex. I still like Satchmo and Dizzy Gillespie as well as any others! They would charge you $5 or $10 in the “Preservation Hall” to request The Saints, but worth every cent! Thanks!… hope others enjoyed it as well!! Dad

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