Another Day in Paradise

This weekend I got the chance to fish Puget Sound with two guys from Philadelphia, Caleb and Brian, who were in Seattle for a 3 day convention.  The weather was everything you’d expect of a March day in the Northwest:  constant rain, fog, and just enough bite in the air to keep things interesting.  One thing that was missing from the day (surprisingly…..and thankfully), was the wind that can turn an unpleasant day into an unbearable one.  One thing that wasn’t missing from the day:  fish.  We saw fish jumping, and had swirls and takes on every beach we stopped at–a bit of a rarity for this time of year.

On the ferry ride back to Seattle we were some mixture of soaked, tired, and content from a successful day of chasing cutthroat on the Sound.  All in all, another day in paradise.


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