What’s in YOUR bag?

On multiple occasions I’ve been browsing through the websites of various professional photographer’s and thought, “I wonder what gear they use?”  In my head, all of these photographers shoot with Nikon or Canon’s flagship camera bodies and lenses that are worth more than my car, or with a Hasselblad camera that would require a year and a half of my salary to purchase.

Then I stumbled upon ShotKit, a website that reveals the mystery of what’s in the camera bags of professional photographers from multiple genres.  Some of the bags listed line up exactly with my preconceived notions, while others are shockingly simple–and reasonably affordable.  In almost every instance, the works displayed by the photographer bring home the point that it isn’t always the gear that’s used that create breathtaking images–it’s the eye behind it.

Check it out.  You might be surprised at what you see, and you can even submit your “gear bag” if you feel the urge to stretch your legs amongst some of the big dogs.



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One response to “What’s in YOUR bag?”

  1. Evy says :

    I have always felt that way – it is the “heart” of the photographer that captures the best photos. You take great picutres, Alex.

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