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6 months…

First taste of carrots (7)1

It’s been 6 months since our son was born. During that time we have been re-taught what it means to love and to live joyfully. We have gone sleepless nights of frustration only to be awoken in the morning to the sound of laughter. Our hearts have melted time, and time, and time, and time again as a grin spreads from chubby cheek to chubby cheek. We have wished for moments of crying to end quickly only to realize that time overall is moving far too fast. Our little fella has brought more happiness into our lives over these past 6 months than I ever could have imagined, and he has (so far) lived into his name countless times over: he has become our Haven of joy and refuge; our safe place to let the worries and concerns of our day melt away in the blinding heat of his smile.

In the scheme of things, 6 months isn’t very long. But when those 6 months change you so entirely, so completely, it simultaneously feels like an eternity and a split second.

Here’s hoping for 60 more years of being transformed.