Who am I, and what is “Three Weight”?  Hopefully the true answers to these questions will be revealed through the content of this blog, and not through a few lines on the “About” page.  But just for fun, let’s take a shot at them.

Who am I?  I’m a full-time husband and youth worker, part-time fly-fishing guide, and aspiring/a bit more than amateur maybe/wanna-be photographer.  I strive to be a seeker of Jesus, but more often than not find myself face down in the mess of my humanity.  I’m a Southerner living in Seattle, a former basketball player, and current hiker and backpacker.  I simultaneously wish I could fish more often and realize that my wife might think I fish too much.  I love my wife, our dog, my family, southern food, and Tar Heel basketball.  I seek out laughter, honest friendships, and those moments where everything seems to fall into place, if only for a split-second, so that truth or beauty or deeper meaning is revealed. 

Which brings me to “what is Three Weight”?  On the outermost layer, “three weight” is a type of fly fishing rod–and it just so happens to be my favorite type.  It identifies the weight of the line needed to cause the rod to “load” properly (like the energy stored in the arms of a slingshot), in order to cast effectively.  Three weights are on the lighter end of the fly rod weight spectrum, used for smaller fish, tighter spaces, and more delicate presentations.  These are my favorite rods because they are the ones designed to work beautifully in the small, out-of-the-way, hike-in only mountain creeks that I would fish all year if possible. 

On a deeper level, however, the term “three weight” seemed accurate for other reasons.  Apart from the joy and rejuvenation I receive from spending time with my wife, family, and friends, my major sources of joy and rejuvenation–the activities that relieve some of the weight of life on a very deep, personal, individual level–stem from the times where I have the chance to focus fully on three activities:  faith, photography, and fly fishing.  Thus, the subtitle of “Three Weight”.

I say all of that to say that in the most simplified form of an answer, Three Weight is and will be a space where I share those moments from one of these three realms where everything seemed to line up, and a truth or a beauty or a deeper meaning about life was revealed….if only for a split second.


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